Characteristics & description

YBS-7102(N) unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of o-benzene resin specially developed for winding process forming FRP pipes and storage tank products. The resin has good penetration and curing properties suitable for the production process of imported (domestic) winding units.

The resin has good toughness, high thermal deformation temperature and good comprehensive properties.

Liquid index of resin:

Product name Acid value(mg.KOH/g) Viscosity(25℃ pa.s) Gel Time(25℃,min) Non-Volatile(%)
YBS-7102(N) 19.0-27.0 0.25-0.48 61.0-67.0

Performance index of castable body:

Product name Tensile Strength(Mpa) Breaking Elongation(%) Bending Strength(Mpa) Bending modulus(Gpa)
Distortion Temperature(℃) Barcol hardness
YBS-7102(N) 65 3.0 100 80 45

Product Application:

YBS-7102(N) unsaturated polyester resin, suitable for making hand paste molding and winding molding of various ordinary FRP pipes.

Storage & Use:

1、Before use, the resin should be in the original packaging (avoid breakage of the barrel and barrel),25℃ below the dry indoor storage period of three months. Keep the barrel sealed to prevent moisture from invading and tighten the lid.

2、The increase of temperature and light exposure will significantly shorten the storage period, storage should be away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight.

3、Unsaturated polyester resin containing styrene is flammable and stored away from open fire.

4、If the resin is not used properly, it will cause injury. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear necessary protective equipment and clothing. For product safety instructions, see Yibeisen's "resin safety instructions (MSDS)"


This information is based on the type index formulated according to the GB standard. due to the development, improvement and revision of the product technology, the physical product may not conform to this product specification. It is recommended that users need to test and test before use. The Company reserves the right to modify certain technical parameters.